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Matthew 28:19-20  "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations...teaching them"


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The Basics  
New Christians What did Jesus say about it?
A Christian Confession   To my Jewish Friends
Basic Christian Doctrines - Bible insert Personal Testimony
What is the Bible about? Short Teachings
Memory Scriptures
Study Courses Download topics for your e-sword

Parades for Jesus pictures      

Foundational Basics
Structural Truths
Solid Building Blocks
Christian Discipleship Hot Topic!
The Christian Walk  Prosperity Preachers
Christian Values Homosexuality? 
In Christ's Image Heaven?
Kingdom Principles Overweight?
Spiritual Warfare Merry Christmas!  
The Holy Spirit 
Led by the Holy Spirit
  End Time Events For free downloads - click   downloads
God's Prophetical Time line      
Prophecy marking system  View or download all - as PDF files 
The Christian and Money 
The Calling Of God
The Apostle Paul               
Contending for the Faith  Videos
Wolves in Sheepskin 

Bible Topics A-Z

Studies in the Word Your constitutional  right to evangelize  -a PDF file
New Testament Study
Old Testament Study 
Youth Bible Study Links 
Evangelism "Free"   Bible Software and Gospel Tracts
Jesus sets captives free
Christians that Suffer
God's Plan
The Necessity of Trials
God's Judgment of a nation

Correspondent - Christian Discipleship Course




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