1 Samuel  -  2 Samuel



Book 6 - of the 11 foundational books

1 Samuel

This book begins with the life of Samuel, who was called to the Prophets office, but is mainly about David. After the time
of the Judges, the people of Israel want a King and Samuel is directed by the Lord to anoint Saul, to be the first king of Israel. After disobeying God, the Lord rejects Saul; and David is chosen and anointed to be the next king; which brings
about the persecution of David by Saul. 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel are considered one book in the Hebrew bible, the Tanak.

Some main persons and events of 1 Samuel

Ch.1-31 Samuel, Eli, Philistines, Saul, David, Jonathon, Nabal

Events - Samuelís birth, Eliís sons die, Philistines capture the Ark of God, Ark is returned to Israel, Saul chosen as King, Saul is rejected, David is chosen and anointed, David kill giant Goliath, Saul persecutes David, David and Jonathon
become friends, Saul and Jonathon are slain.



                        1 Samuel 1-14

Lesson 1

1. Hannah dedicated her son Samuel to the Lord before she conceived. true - false

2. After Samuel was weaned, Hannah left him with Eli. true - false

3. The sons of Eli were very godly men. true - false

4. Who called unto the boy Samuel in the night? a. Eli b. God c. mother

5. What do you think it means that God let none of Samuelís words fall to the ground?__________________________

6. Samuel was a prophet. true - false

7. What was taken from Israel, after they were defeated by the Philistines? ___________________________________

8. The 2 sons of___________ were killed in the battle. a. Samuel b. Eli

9. Whose neck was broken, when he fell backwards? a. Eli b. Hophni c. Ehud

10. What idol falls to the ground before the Ark of God? a. dagon b. golden image

11. What affliction did God bring upon the Philistines at Gath for having the Ark________________________________

12. After returning the ark to Israel, at Bethshemesh; why were the Bethsheamites smitten by the Lord?   

13. Whose house did the Ark end up at, for 20 years?__________________________________________________

14. What did the people of Israel want, like other nations? a. chariots b. image c. a king

15. Samuel warns the people of the consequences of having a king. true - false

16. The first king of Israel was. a. David b. Solomon c. Saul

17. What was the occasion of the first meeting between Saul and Samuel?____________________________________

18. Samuel anointed Saul with a vile of_______________ a. perfume b. water c. oil

19. In Ch. 10, Samuel tells Saul that: when the Spirit of the Lord would come upon Saul,  he would be turned into ..

20. Saulís first test of leadership came with a war with the a. Ammonites b. Philistines

21. Samuel ministry to Israel was a. deceitful b. dishonest c. honorable

22. Samuel reproves Saul for doing what foolish thing? _________________________________________________

23. In the ongoing battle with the Philistines (Ch.14) what rash order did Saul give to his men, that caused them distress?
      a. not to eat any food   b. not to see their families   c. not to pray before the battle

24. Saulís son Jonathan ate some   a. figs b. honey c. bread

25. Because of their hunger, what sin did the Israelite army commit, after they took the animals from the Philistines? 



                          1 Samuel 15-31

Lesson 2

1. Saul obeyed the Lord when he spared king Agag , the sheep and oxen. true - false

2. Who said to king Saul "it is better to obey than sacrifice.._____________________________________________

3. Rebellion is as the sin of _____________and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.

4. Saul told Samuel that he sinned because he feared__________ and obeyed their voice.

5. Complete the following: " for the Lord seeth not as a man seeth; for man looketh____________________________

6. How does the Bible describe young David?________________________________________________________

7. What happened when Samuel anointed young David?_________________________________________________

8. The Spirit of the Lord departed from king Saul. true - false

9. What did David do, when the evil spirit plagued Saul?_________________________________________________

10. The Philistine giant that opposed the Israelites was. a. Goliath b. Phigath c. Colossas

11. Why was young David sent to his brothers, at the battle scene._________________________________________

12. When David heard the giant boasting against Israel, he was afraid. true - false

13. Even though David was a lad, he had already killed a lion and bear. true - false

14. With what weapon did David slay Goliath?________________________________________________________

15. David and Jonathan were enemies. true - false

16. What did the women sing about that made king Saul angry towards David?________________________________

17. For what reason did king Saul want David to marry his daughter Michal? a. David

asked him for her b. David would be his son in law c. She would be a snare to him

18. Saul tried to kill David with a a. rock b. sword c. Javelin (spear)

19. For what reason did people begin to say "is Saul also among the prophets?"_______________________________

20. Ch.21 Where did David get bread, when he flees from Saul?___________________________________________

21. What kind of behavior did David demonstrate before the king of Gath____________________________________

22. In your opinion why did David act this way?_______________________________________________________

23. Why did Saul have the priests killed at Nob?______________________________________________________

24. Who was the man that informed king Saul, of the actions of the priests?___________________________________

25. David spared Saulís life, in a cave. true - false

26. Nabal was eager to help David and his men. true - false

27. Who interceded, so that David would not kill Nabal?_________________________

28. Abagail becomes Davidís wife. true - false

29. What did David take from Saul, as he slept?______________________________________________________

30. Why did king Saul want his armor bearer to thrust him through with his sword?_____________________________

31. Jonathan was also killed in the battle. true - false

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2 Samuel


Book 7 - of the 11 foundational books

In this book, David comes to power, first over the tribe of Juda and some years later over all of Israel. This book records Davidís victories, his personal sins of adultery, a plot of murder, and the numbering of the people. Davidís daughter is raped by a half brother, whom in turn, is murdered by another brother, Absolom: who is banished for his crime but later is brought back to Israel. Absolom stirs up a revolt against David which fails and is killed in the ongoing battle.

Some main persons and events of 2 Samuel

Ch.1-24 - David, Abner, Joab, Mephibosheth, Bath-sheba, Uriah, Absolom, Tamar, 
                Hushai, Nathan

Events - David becomes king, Jerusalem becomes the capital of Israel, Davidís sin, Tamar is raped, the revolt of Absolom, the Ark is returned to Jerusalem, the Davidic covenant given, Absolom is killed.

* Other books during the time period of 2 Samuel
Song of Solomon
1 Chronicles

Writing - Prophets to the northern 10 tribes called Israel



                       2 Samuel 1-12

Lesson 1

1. What was the fate of the man, who said that he had slain king Saul?______________________________________

2. After Saulís death, David was anointed king over Juda, who was king over the rest of
    the tribes of Israel? a. Joab b. Abner c. Ishbosheth

3. The condition between the house of David and Saul was a. peace b. war

4. Why did Abner ( Ishboshethís general ) change sides to David?_________________________________________

5. Joab kills Abner because- a. he wanted his position b. Abner killed his brother

6. The name of Jonathanís son, who was lame, was____________________________________________________

7. King Ishbosheth was murdered by_______________________________________________________________

8. After the death of king Ishbosheth, David was anointed king over all of Israel; how old was David? _____________

9. What city becomes the capital of Israel? a. Hebron b. Jerusalem c. Bethlehem

10. The man who died as a result of touching the Ark of the covenant was___________________________________

11. Who despised David, as he leaped and danced before the Lord?_______________________________________

12. As a result of her contempt for David, for the way he made a public display of his

praise toward God, she a. never had children b. got sick c. left David

13. What did David desire to build for the Lord? a. altar b. house (temple) c. an image

14. Why did David show kindness to Mephibosheth?___________________________________________________

15. David treated Mephibosheth as a son. true - false

16. David instigated a war with the king of Ammon, king Hanun. true - false

17. The name of the woman that David committed sin with was___________________________________________

18. Why did David allow Uriah to come from the battle front to visit his wife Bathsheba?________________________

19. The contents of Davidís letter to Joab was_______________________________________________________

20. Bathsheba became the wife of David, after her husbandís death. true - false

21. What prophet gave David a scathing rebuke?______________________________________________________

22. What judgments would David suffer, even though he repented?_________________________________________

23. Solomon was the next son of David and Bathsheba. true - false



                        2 Samuel 13-24

Lesson 2

1. Davidís daughter Tamar was raped by____________________________________________________________

2. How does Absolom avenge his Sister Tamar?_______________________________________________________

* One of the many problems with Davidís children, was a result of having different mothers.

3. What punishment does king David pronounce upon Absolom?__________________________________________

4. Absolom planned a revolt against David by a. hiring Philistine soldiers b. killing all his brothers and sisters c. stealing the
     hearts of the men of Israel

5. After David flees from Absolom, why does he send Hushai back to Jerusalem?_____________________________

6. Davidís counselor Ahithophel, joins up with Absolom. true - false

7. The man that curses David as he flees was a. Nathan b. Shimei c. Ziba

8. Who gave Absolom the advice to defile all of king Davidís concubines?___________________________________

*Compare ch.12:9-12 with the events that are taking place in Davidís life at this  time, what God said through the prophet
    has come to past.

9. Ahithophelís advice to Absolom was to a. over power David while he was weak. b. wait till all of Israel was behind him
     c. let David go

10. Whose advice does Absolom listen to?__________________________________________________________

11. How does Ahithophel die? a. in battle b. his wife kills him c. hangs himself

12. What happened to Absolom with a tree?_________________________________________________________

13. Who kills Absolom? a. Joab b. Abner c. Abishai

14. It was king Davidís orders, to kill Absolom on sight. true - false

15. David has Shimei put to death. true - false

16. Sheba leads a revolt against king David true - false

17. What was the fate of Sheba?__________________________________________________________________

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