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IV. Christian Discipleship --The Exam



This section of the exam will be from
Section 1.  Making Disciples

A. - How to become a Christian

1.   What makes us wise about salvation:   a. prayer   b. the scriptures   c. church

2.   Baptism is for:   a. believers   b. sinners   c. religious people

3.   What did Phillip preach to the city of Samaria?   a. the law   b. Christ   c. baptism

4.   What did Phillip tell the Eunuch when he wanted to be baptized?  a. believe with all his heart   b. go to church   c. pray and fast first

5.  Which of the following is wrong: 

a.  Mankind is basically good at heart.
b.  God has provided a way for mankind to be saved, and to come into fellowship with Him.
c.  This way: is only though His only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
d.  Man must hear the Gospel, believe and make a personal choice to repent and turn to Jesus Christ and accept Jesus, as their Savior.

B.  Erroneous Views  (for Salvation)

1.   The Bible says all have sinned.   True or  False

2.   Man's own righteousness is as a filthy:   a. shoe   b. rag   c. dish

3.   Where is this scripture found:  For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.  Not of works, lest any man should boast.
      a.  Matthew 28:11   b. Ephesians 2:8-9   c. John 3:16

4.   Which of these people never sinned one time?   a. Peter   b. Jesus   c. Paul

5.   Jesus was born without sin.  True or False

6.   Who Obtained eternal redemption for us?   a. Jesus Christ   b. Moses   c. The prophets

7.   What is the power of God to save us?    a. baptism   b. the gospel   c. good preaching

8.   Keeping the ten commandments saves us.  True or False

9.   Who or what  is the only way to God?    a. religion   b. being a good person   c. Jesus Christ

10. People that don't have Jesus don't have:   a. morals   b. goodness   c. life

11. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.   True or False

This section of the exam will be from
Section 2.  Teach them

1.   Be not hearers but _________of the word.   a. study    b. doers   c.lovers

2.   We must love Jesus Christ above all others.   True or False

3.   Good doctrine is important.  True or False

4.   All doctrine is good.   True or False

5.   Who told us to beware of false prophets?    a. Peter   b. James   c. Jesus

6.   False prophets will never glorify:   a. church   b. Jesus   c. the Bible

7.   False prophets attack the foundational teaching of Christianity.   True or False

8.   The virgin birth of Jesus is not a foundational teaching.   True or False

9.   The New Testament contains:    a. 66 books   b. 14 books   c. 27 books

10. Christians should go to church.   True or False

11. Christians should present their bodies as a ____________to the Lord.     a. testimony   b. living sacrifice   c. witiness

12. Our bodies is:    a. temple of the Holy Spirit   b. not good for anything   c. not the Lords

13. God will judge adulterers and fornicators.  True or False

14. Who is joint heirs with Jesus Christ?    a. All humanity   b. Angels   c. Christians

15. Christians are in the world but are not of it.   True or False

16. Satan is the god of this world.  True or False

17. Who or what shines as lights in the world?    a. street lights   b. lighthouses   c. Christians

18. Where is this verse found?  "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."
      a. 2 Timothy 3:16   b. John 3:16   c. 1 Timothy 4:1

19. Christians are children of God-   a. only when they get to heaven   b. now   c. no one knows

20. Whose image is God conforming us to?   a. the angels   b. Jesus   c. adams

21. God's word is truth.  True or False

22. We are to put off the old man and put on:   a. humility   b. meekness  c. the new man 

23. Who are new creatures?   a. certain angels   b. Christians   c. demons

24. What will happen if a Christian will not correct himself or herself?   a. they can't pray   b. they don't understand the Bible   c. God will correct them

25. Submit to ___________ and resist_________________.     a. kings - overeating    b. God - the devil    c. leaders - a proud look

26. Who or what blinds the mind of people?   a. Satan   b. reading the Bible too much   c. over working

27. Jesus Christ destroyed (totally defeated) Satan.   a. True or False

28. Who is head of the church?   a. pastors   b. teachers.  c. Jesus Christ

29. Love is the primary principle of:    a. married people   b. the kingdom of God   c. church people

30.  What are the two greatest commandments?     a. keep the law and don't kill    b. love God and your neighbor   c. keep all the commandments and fast

God bless!