Answers to quiz-acts




1. Power, to be witnesses  2. in the same manner as he went  3. filled with the Holy Spirit, spoke in other tongues  4. false  5. for to as many that were far off ( all Christians )  6. lame man healed  7. spoke to the man  8. Acts 4:12  9. above forty  10. lied to God the Holy Ghost  11. healed them  12. angel  13. leave them alone, if what they were doing wasnít of God, then it wouldnít amount to anything, if it was of God, then they would be fighting against God  14. suffered shame in behalf of Jesus  15. true  16. so they could be free to pray and study  17. stoned him to death  18. true  19. Saul, also called Paul  20. not to lay this charge (sin ) against them


1. Paul  2. healings, devils cast out  3. lay hands on new converts to receive the Holy Spirit 4. believe with all thine heart  5. Jesus spoke to him  6. Ananious  7. in a basket down wall 8. false  9. true  10. to let him know that the gentiles were to be saved too. 11. spoke in tongues  12. he had gone to the gentiles, in their house  13. Antioch 14. James  15. by an angel  16. praying  17. didnít give God the glory  18. teachers and prophets  19. The Holy Spirit  20. blinded  21. they thought they were gods because of the healing that took place


1. Christians had to be circumcised and keep law  2. Abstain from fornication, things offered to idols, from blood, things strangled  3. taking Mark with them 4. true  5. Timothy  6. Holy Ghost forbid it  7. The Holy Ghost forbid it  8. in a dream  9. divination  10. false  11. sang praises to God  12. searched the scriptures to see if what was being told them was true  13. false  14. havenít even heard their was a Holy Ghost  15. healings by handkerchiefs and aprons from his body  16. Beaten up by a man that was possessed  17. burned them  18. Paul was leading people away from their false god, they were losing business


1. First day  2. didnít let him move him  3. four. prophesy  4. Agabus  5. Paul was a Roman citizen  6. said he was on trial for teaching the resurrection  7. Jesus  8. wanted money from Paul  9. appealing to Caesar  10. Felex  11. almost thou persuade me to be a Christian  12. an angel  13. fourteen  14. afraid they would escape  15. the centurion  16. Melita  17. snake  18. false   19. false   20. his rented house