Correspondent - Christian Discipleship Course


This is a Correspondent Discipleship Course

To enroll in this study I need your: 


Please send it by e-mail

The purpose of this Study Course is to help Christians be rooted and grounded in good Christian doctrines.

This Course will be composed of the following:

I.     The Bible and exam

II.    New Beginnings and exam

III.   Foundational Basics and exam

IV.   Christian Discipleship and exam

Each course will have an exam (quiz), made up of multiple choice and true or false answers.

Each course exam, will be an open book exam, ( you can look up the answer if you donít know it )

E-mail will be used in sending and receiving your exam answers. I will send you the results of each exam.


The following - is an example Only

Part I.  The Bible course

  1. The Bible is the inspired word of God.   True or False
  2. There are 39 books in the New Testament.  True or False
  3. The Bible is As sharp as a -  a. tongue   b. sword    c. axe

      Part II   New beginnings course

1.      Christians should walk by feeling over Godís word.  True or false

 Please list which part your exam is about and number your answers.

Your e-mail  back to me should look something like this.

Part I Ė Bible Course

      1. True
      2. False
      3. B

Part II - New Beginnings

  1. False


Please complete a Part  - in full before sending your answers to that exam. Do one part at a time or it will be confusing.  If you donít then I wonít score it.