Download topics for e-sword

I have all these bible studies on my e-sword program.

To add these on your e-sword click on the title, when the page opens manually copy the info and paste it in the topic notes of your e-sword program - give it a title - click save.
God bless!

{Move the mouse to the beginning of the text you want. Press and hold the Left mouse button. Slide the mouse along while still holding the left button down. The text is starting to highlight! Now when the right amount of text is highlighted, release the left mouse button. The text is still highlighted. You have selected the text. Right click the mouse click save; paste in where you want it by clicking right mouse button and choosing paste.}

ABC's for new Christians "Tract"
Apostle Paul
Christian Discipleship
Christian Values
End time Events
Foundational Bible Studies
Jesus the Savior "Tract"
Kingdom Principles
Life after death "Tract"
Marriage "Tract"
New Christians
Sharing your faith "Tract"
Solid Building Blocks
Spiritual Warfare
Structural Truths
Studies in the Word
The Calling of God
The Holy Spirit
Time Priorities "Tract"
Wolves in Sheepskin