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The following 2 part study guide is a time line for end time events, beginning with a brief summary of Israel's Old Testament history.

This study course will be presented in the following order.

Part I.   -  God's time line leading up to the 1st. coming of Jesus Christ  

1.  A summary of Israel's Old Testament history

2.  Daniels's prophecies of end time events

3.  Prophecies concerning Israel

4.  Messianic prophecies fulfilled by Jesus Christ at His 1st. coming.

5.  Messianic prophecies concerning the 2nd. coming of Jesus Christ

Part II.  -  God's time line leading up to the 2nd. coming of Jesus Christ        

6.  The church age 
   see link   Signs of the times

7.  The 7 year tribulation period  

8.  The Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ   

9.  New heavens and new earth - eternity  

                             For more deeper studies see link - Prophecy Articles - excellent site